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    Perspectiva Jurídica

    At Perspectiva Jurídica we offer you, our client, the expertise and personalized experience that you or your business require. With the ability of our renowned lawyers, we provide not only efficient consulting services but also guidance through every situation that might be challenging the market. 

    We also have the necessary equipment dedicated to satisfy every need in the Legal Sector at reasonable prices to achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home.

    What We Do



    Our Mission

    We are an organization that provides legal solutions to our clients, maintaining our commitment and professionalism.

    Our Vission

    To become a global organization perceived worldwide as a trust-worthy and committed provider of legal services interested in the advancement of our clients. .

    Our Values

    Communication and Responsibility.
    Excellence, Respect and Commitment.
    Our Company

    We specialize in providing to

    Public and private sector companies

    Startups and retail companies.

    State assistance to verify their legal obligations and administrative resources.



    Our service and product categories include:

    • Analysis of participant authorization processes.
    • Registry of reinsurers and intermediaries of insurance, reinsurance and international finances.
    • Analysis of registration processes.
    • Advice on business strategy for insurance, financial inclusion and product structuring.
    • Advice on handling insurance claims.
    • Sectorial regulatory compliance strategies.
    • Risk management.
    • Preventive action plans.
    • Review of normative of supervising entities.
    • Deal negotiations.
    • Officers and employees legal advice.
    • Transaction structure documents.
    • Advice and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts and commercial transactions.
    • Execution of Corporate Legal Audit.


    • General Tax Consulting.
    • Regional and International taxation.
    • Assistance in audit inspection procedures.
    • Defense and representation in tax matters.
    • Administrative and jurisdictional tax litigation.
    • Tax update seminars.
    • Legal advice to secure investments.
    • Assistance on legal and commercial matters to guarantee business development.
    • Civil, commercial, contentious-administrative and labor litigation.
    • Commercial and investment arbitration.
    • Intellectual property.
    • Constitutional issues.

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      We also offer competent prices that are focused on making your name grow and be respected as an honest and transparent brand.

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      We are proud of what we do and we work our best to provide an excellent customer service experience, offering valuable and complete information to assist in making smart decisions

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      Our goal is to provide the necessary legal information and guidance to satisfy our clients’ challenges with the best quality and with compromise.

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    Perspectiva Jurídica is known as a bold and loyal company that will help you as an accurate and customized solution to get through every legal challenge you might face.